Expansion of Manufacturing Areas / 2020

our new Pharma-Sieving/Packaging line - now available for you!

Whether powders, granulates or pellets, sieving or screening is a key process in the production of bulk materials. For example, there is the need to pre-sieve raw materials in order to prepare them for subsequent processing or there is the classic final screening to obtain different grain size fractions.  Our new Pharmaceutical Sieving Station enables us to perform this important process step separately from other manufacturing steps in terms of time and space. This extension of our manufacturing area offers an advantage in the planning of our contract manufacturing capacities and allows for versatile sieve-cuts and tailored product fractions. Thus special client requests for sieving and packaging of pharmaceutical products can be carried out.

The new Pharmaceutical Sieving Station is installed in a self-sufficient manufacturing area being accessed via separate personnel and material air-locks. The production area consists of a screening room with a tumbling sieve machine and an area with a packaging line including metal detection for product filling into bag in box.

3D drawing of Pharma-Sieving/Packaging Line at International Process-Center Dresden
Pharma-Sieving/Packaging Line at International Process-Center Dresden

Equipped with clean-room walls the premises correspond to the latest state of the art. Special attention is paid to the monitored room climate with qualified fresh air treatment.

Whether internally outsourced sieving processes or client specific sieving tasks, the new Pharmaceutical Sieving Station can be used to fractionate and pack pharmaceutical bulk materials under GMP conditions.


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